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Who knows what art is really

Let's be honest, art is quirky.

A blank canvas with a measured one-inch yellow border hangs in the Art Institute of Chicago. Not far away, a Jackson Pollock hangs in the modern wing, with scribbles of thick paint, that could have been done by a kindergartener.

Then, just yards away you'll find something like the Little Pond at Appledore, by Childe Hassam, which obviously took painstakingly long. Tiny brush strokes by the thousands replicate a small pool of water near the ocean shore on a glorious Summer day.

But is it exquisite?

Great art may not be determined by the artist and his or her days, hours, weeks, or years toiling, in the case of Leonardo, but more so by the buyer, who determines it art.

With this in mind, artists may have better luck creating a piece not by painting, or sculpting, or molding something they think is beautiful, interesting, or art, but by making something, that they think someone will want to buy.

Beauty is not necessarily art. Art may just be what you think art isn't.

Bob Coyne

Chief Administrator


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