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Bob Coyne


The CEO of this website.  Created this website during the pandemic to feature his own collection.  Favors garden and landscape scenes around his home and work. Inspired by hundreds of visits to the Chicago Art Institute. Bob uses exacto knives and needles to achieve the very fine strokes and lines with oil.



Topaz (Tuo Piung Jiang) was born in 1975 in Beijing, China, and expressed an interest in art and painting at a very young age. He enjoyed painting natural landscapes in rural areas, especially landscapes filled with trees.  Topaz attended the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, where he graduated with a degree in Western and Landscape Art.

Mario Agostinelli


Mario Agostinelli, born in Arequipa, Peru.
Studied in Argentina, Brazil, France and Italy.  Exhibited: Beilin Gallery, NYC.

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