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The French Bench

The French Bench

SKU: 020

This elegant piece is known as "The French Bench." This piece was created in the fall of 2019. The size of the painting is 20WX16H.  Includes Wood Frame.

The bench was given to me by my sister and still sits in my garden to this day.  The process for this piece was as follows:  I took a photo of the bench.  Blew the photo up slightly to be centered on the canvas.  I taped the photo down to a cutting board and cut out the inside of the bench.  Then taped that to the canvas and painted it black.  I then took a duplicate photo of the bench and taped that to a cutting board. Then, exacto knived out all the holes in the bench.  Then lined that up on the initial black bench on the canvas.  Then taped it down and painted the holes green.  Then removed the paper and "Wa-la"!

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